WhatsApp Me Fingerprint Print Lock Kaise Lagaye ?

Hello Dosto Mera Internet Gyan Me Aap Sabka Suwagat Hai Dosto Is Post Me Ham Aapko Batayenge Ki Aap Apne WhatsApp Par Fringerprint Lock Kaise Laga Sakte Hai. Dosto WhatsApp Par Fringerprint Lock Update Abhi Abhi Hua Hai Jyada Din Tak Nhi Hua Hai. Dosto WhatsApp Me Fringerprint Lock Screen Setting Kaise Karte Hai Iske Baare Me Ham Aapko Niche Step Me Batayenge.

Ye Bhi Padhe.

01. Whatsapp Account Delete Kaise Kare ?

02.Send Kiya Huwa Whatsapp SMS Ko Delete Kaise Kare ?  

03.Whatsapp Account Kaise Banaye ?

04.Facebook Account Kaise banaye ?

05.Facebook Par Mximum Kitne friends Bana Sakte hai ?


WhatsApp Par Fringer Print Kaise Lagaye ?

Hello Dosto Aap Bhi Apne WhatsApp Me Fingerprint Bahut Hi Aasani Se Laga Sakte Hai. Dosto Fringerprint Lagane Se Aapko Ye Fayde Honge ki Aapke Whatsapp Ko Koi Bhi Open Nhi Kar Payenga Aur aapna Girlfriends Ya boyfrines Ka Sms Nhi Padh Payega. Aur Na Hi Aapko Secret SMS Ko Koi Aur Band Padh Payega.

Iske Liye Bas Aapko Kuch Hi Step Follow Karne Honge To Chaliye Dosto Start karte hai Step.

Step 01. Sabse Pahle Dosto Aap Apne WhatsApp Par Jaaye.

Step 02. Fir Dosto Aap Apne Setting Par Jaaye.

Step 03. Fir Dosto Aap Apne Account Setting Par Jaye.

Step 04. Fir aapne Privacy Setting Par Jaye.

Step 05. Fir Last Me aapko Fringerprint Ka Option Diya Hoga jisme Aapko On Kar Dena Hai.

Ye bhi Padhe.

01. Facebook Friends Ko Hide kaise Kare Dusre Se ? 

02.Twitter Account Me Apna Photo Update Kaise Kare ?

02.Facebook Account  Delete Kaise Kare ?

03.Facebook Page Ke Liye Cover Photo Kaise banaye ?

04.Facebook Friends Ko Unfriends Kaise Kare ?


To Dosto Is Prakar Se Aap Apne WhatsApp Par Fringerprint Lock Screen Laga Sakte Hai. 

To Dosto Ye Hamara Post aapko Kaise Lage Hame Comment Karke Jarur Bataye. Aur Is Post Ko Share Jarur Kare. Sath Hi Hamare Facebook Page Ko Like Jarur Kare.

Thanks For Reading My Post.

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